About Hillview Kennels- located in the Tingha area 

(2.5hours above Tamworths Golden Guitar NSW).


Hello and welcome,


My name is Kat, I am a mother of 4 and live in a small town in northern NSW. I work 5days a week on 2 house building projects. I am currently studying for my Diploma in puppy development, care and coaching. I have already received my first set of certificates. My passions are sustainable living, gardening and my beautiful Children. Not forgetting all my fur babies!

Hillview Kennels follows DPI regulations have council DA and would pass the RSPCA audit with confidence.


Hillview has a yearly Audit conducted by a veterinarian, who takes the time to look over the facility, dogs and paperwork. Our dogs are regularly health checked, have dental examinations and overall health as well as necessary tests, DNA, physical health, behavioural assessment and evaluation.

I feel this provides customers who are unable to attend the kennels for pick up and viewing of their future fur babies the peace of mind that they are buying from a veterinary-approved breeding facility. We are registered with Fur and Family First Companion Dog Breeders Inc and MDBA.

Also, we offer lifetime rehoming, this gives me the knowledge that the pups I breed will never end up abandoned and without a home.


I started breeding in 2011 when I moved to a rural property (one minute out of town). I then had 3 pet dogs, when my first litter of Bichoodles were picked up by their new owners, watching the happiness fill these people as they received their bundles of joy melted my heart. I was overwhelmed with the feeling of euphoria, I had brought a little happiness into people's lives and I wanted to do this again!


I currently have15 Adult breeding dogs in our breeding program. These dogs have their own kennels in which they reside during the day if I am not at home and in the evenings or they sleep in our beds. (Some of these dogs are in foster families at a ratio of 2 dogs per home).

Each yarded area includes a tiled shed for easy and maintainable cleaning, a grassed yard, and a shaded outside bed so they can choose to sleep inside or out. During summer each yard has a wading pool so dogs can cool down or play in the cool water, each winter the dogs are provided with floor heating. Whilst we are home they enjoy the company of myself and the children in our large backyard and access to the house. All the dogs are kept active with daily ball games, chasing games and basic training to keep them social, well-mannered and entertained. These dogs are highly intelligent and will not be neglected or without contact. All dogs are kept up to date with health checks and all kennel activity is recorded.


Our Pups:

I have always been present for the whelping of my pups, I personally would not like to have given birth on my own and I am there for emotional and physical support of each mother.

I handle each pup daily to check on their progress and in the case of any problems, which have yet to arise.

Pups are given a quick health screen at 3-4weeks of age to ensure their progress and healthy development. At 3weeks they are offered their first opportunity to start eating, by 4 weeks they are enjoying their 2 servings a day alongside the feeds they receive from their mother.

At 6weeks of age, they receive their first vaccinations, health record checks, and microchipping. The Health checklist includes checks for hernias, teeth and mouth alignment and development, eyes, ears, heart, breathing and general health. At this stage, pups have been wormed at 2week intervals since birth. They are treated with Advocate monthly for worms, heart worm & fleas, prior to leaving.

Week 8 pups are self-weaned and ready for their new homes. Due to the tiled kennels that lead out to grassy yards your pup has already had basic training and learned to exit this surface and go out for toilet time. Pups are readily eating a variety of meats and have started on dry food as well. Each litter have been given stuffed chew toys from week 3, these small toys are covered in the smell of the litter, having mums and siblings scent, I send 1 of these toys with each pup for comfort so pup has reassurance for settling in as well as their night blankies. Pups will have by this age socialized with other dogs, our cats and my 4 children. They will all be happy, confident and willing to participate in their new adventures. They will all have had baths and grooming exercise before 8weeks to ensure they are comfortable with the procedure.

I recommend a brush, ear check and nail check every week as a minimum in the first couple of months. This can be done with ease at home in a play fashion with your puppy. I’d like to advise puppy training classes to start not before pup has had 3vaccination and 2weeks after this time.

There are easy to download apps available on smartphones and YouTube videos that can assist in your knowledge as to how to train your pup. A well-mannered pup becomes an easy to manage  dog and a delight to all who come in contact with them.

After your 3rd vaccination, your dog will need a booster a year later and then once every 3years. Also yearly health checks. Please discuss with your vet the options for regular worming, flea and tick treatment. If you are smartphone savvy you might consider downloading a dog health app in which you can record your dog’s health treatment and set notifications to remind about worming, flea treatment etc.

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Conditions of entry to Hillview

I understand the importance of meeting pup before purchasing and checking out the environment pup is raised in. Because of this we welcome visits and pick up at the property.

However as this is my family home, that of my dogs and my children it is in our best interest that certain conditions to attend the property are accepted before attendance.

Therefore my solicitor & I put our heads together and have come up with a short legal agreement so that all appointments run smoothly and tyre kickers are removed from the equation. Here is a brief outline of what is expected and required, full conditions and legal appendages available on appointment request in the email.

Attendance is by appointment only.

All adults to enter the property must provide name and address prior to attending. Each adult will be required to sign conditions of entry agreement and provide ID upon meeting.

A deposit is to be paid upfront if no puppy is chosen, half the deposit will be returned.

Anyone attending the property will be required to wear appropriate clothing and foot wear. Bio-security measures must be met for the safety of puppies on the property. Use of sprays and disinfectants will be required on hands and footwear.

As I am currently building, there is a waiver in case of an accident.

Exploration of the property is not permitted and only puppies for sale and their parents may be viewed. This is for your safety (due to the building) and the emotional health and well being of our dogs, no unnecessary stress to mothers with young pups etc.

All children must be supervised and well behaved, no child is to hold a pup of their own accord (welfare of pups must be the priority.)

No photos or videos to be taken on the property, for the safety of dogs and children living on the property.

Guard dogs are not to be approached by any persons. They will be secured on arrival and no attempt to befriend them is to be made. They are very good at their job!

People should be aware Hillview kennels has 24hr security CCTV cameras in place.



Happy people

I am working towards receiving your letter, text, call and pictures, of your satisfaction and joy after receiving your fur baby. 


Proudly giving back to the community

Though most of our donations are given to Westpac Rescue Helicopter. We do occasionally get asked for assistance from other organisations. We give when we can and where we see fit. This is always a family  decision, please respect our choices.


Guide dog puppy fund raiser.

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Supporting Make-A-Wish
Supporting Make-A-Wish

Nothing more wonderful then being able to bring joy and love to the world.

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Please donate generously to help children's dreams come true.

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Guide dog puppy fund raiser.

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