Boarding at Hillview Kennels

10 weeks +

Boarding is available at Hillview Kennels for pups that are not able to be picked up or sent to their new homes by 8-10weeks of age.


5days courtesy will be given for pick up and flights.


If the situation arises that pup cannot be picked up by 10weeks of age, then boarding will be arranged.


Full payment of pup is required prior to boarding commencement.


The pup may require 1 or 2 more vaccinations before you are able to pick her up this needs to be paid upfront.


Boarding costs, there will be a weekly boarding charge to cover such costs as feeding, grooming, health care and training. These must be paid upfront.


What is included:



Pup will be fed twice a day on regular food that they have been weaned onto and will be introduced to other types of food.

Extra: If you require pup to be weaned onto your own choice of premium blend this will incur extra charges


Grooming & health care:

Pup will be groomed every 3 days, ears, eyes and bathing will take place and brushing. Whilst pup is on the property I will only use all natural dog soap, specially made for dogs that I have acquired. Pup will be taught to be comfortable with a finger tooth brush and nails will be clipped as necessary, as well as hair around delicate areas.



Basic training will take place; this includes crate training and toilet training *pup will be trained to use a plastic grass mat.

I will not use newspaper as it may lead to “going” on books etc and I will not use puppy pads as it may lead to “going” on plastic bags.

Also 2 x 5minute sessions of obedience training. What pup masters depends on the breed and time spent boarding.

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