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At Hillview we understand the importance of giving our breeding dogs the love and companionship they require for healthy happy lives. 

We also understand the importance of breeding healthy happy puppies for families to welcome into their homes.

At Hillview we are a growing business. However unlike some breeders we will only house the amount of dogs we feel we can love and provide healthy, happy homes for.

Therefore to grow we are making partnerships with local families. These people home, care for and love chosen breeding dogs, they are contracted through our breeding kennels to provide all relevant vet care including health testing all paid for by Kata's Hillview Pty Ltd. These females listed below are in breeding programs with my stud dogs and are for sale to the public through Kata's Hillview Pty Ltd under the same guidelines as dogs that are housed on my property.

These families are limited to 2 dogs per house hold only and these dogs and their families are seen by the same vet that audits Hillview Kennels. Below are pictures of affiliated dogs.

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