Pocket Puppies

Over the last few years we have been looking into the health and breeding of Pocket puppies. For a while now we have been breeding Pocket Cavoodles and have wanted to extend our breeding range.

My fascination started with our little Gremlin pictured here is a picnice basket. I had always wanted a carry around dog but couldn't stand the temprement of the chihuahua. Full grow Gremlin weighed 2kg and was 17cm in height. She was a small dog with a huge personality. Fisety as a chihuahua and a clown like a shihtzu.  But a loving family pet that was everything I wanted in a nut shell.

We had heard and been told that these smaller breeds had come about by breeding runts to runts and they would be full of health problems more then most dogs. We have found this to be simply not true. 

Pockets can be bred from healthy dogs, the variations in breeds and the selective breeding of desired consistancies has nothing to do with breeding runts together. Similar can be found with people 2 small parents can and do have tall children. Its genetics not lack of health.

We will be breeding Pockets in the following breeds for pet homes only and on desexing contracts. 

Pocket Poodles     *       Pocket Cavoodles         Pocket Shoodles      *       Pocket Shi-Chi        *    Pocket bichoodles

These pups will be either first general F1 or F2b which is second generation cross first generation. Depending on the breed design and the parents pups will be between

1.8kg -3.5kg size will be 15cm-20cm

All pups will come with the same health guarantees as any other dog we breed.

All adults are DNA tested and patella tested, yearly health tested etc.

People considering getting pocket puppy need to keep in mind that small bodies have fragile structures they will break easily. Its probably not a good idea to have a dog like this if you have small children or your life doesn't allow for you to carry your dog around with you. Stairs will be an issue for these dogs as will long walks and you can forget about jogging. 

Waiting times for pups can be 6mths to 18mths. 

Gremlin 2kg Pocket Shi-chi (Shihtzu x Chihuahua)

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