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If you are looking for a rescue dog please visit gwydir Park in Delungra for your next fur family member.

This page is for my occasional rescue that I have come across, from other breeders or unfortunate circumstances.


Tahlia's owner was moved into a nursing home and unfortunately no family could take her. She has now found a new home with a lovely lady on the Central Coast.


Warren was so timid if you called his name he would look down and away. Coming from a home were the little boys used him as a punching bag, a friend of mine removed him from them. We patched up the little boy and bathed and groomed him. 4mths later i was contacted by a local couple who were retired and eager to have him. He turned out to be a perfect companion for them.


Boof head here was purchased on a whim. the owner told me he was ready for his new home. When I met her I found the pup was under fed covered head to toe in fleas and scabs. We took him as I didn't think he would have a good end if he returned home. Sourcing goats milk from a local lady we raised Boof till he was a fine looking dog, even though his front legs seemed quite twisted, we found him a great home with a local family who wanted another cattle dog play mate for theirs.

Fat Cat

This is fat cat. Fat cat was dumped in a box as a kitten, with his brothers and sisters at a neighbours farm. The lady was desperate to find them homes so we took in fat cat. We desexed him and he lives happily with our dogs wrestling with them and putting them in their place. He loves to cuddle up to the young pups and lets them nibble on his ears and tail.


This is Lucky, when I was told about Lucky, some men in town were going to shoot her as she kept wondering and having pups. We got her and her male pup. The pup was easy to train and quickly rehomed. Lucky is a Corgi x Collie, extremely friendly and was very willing to learn. After rehoming her with my gran we desexed Lucky. She will never have unwanted pups again and no longer wonders. She is a brilliant companion!


This is Tiny, I bought her from a breeder. She was only a year old & weighed 800g. Way too small to even consider breeding and so timid she almost passed out to the touch. We got Tiny chipped and vaccinated & rehomed her offering a money back if proof of desexing was provided within 2mths. I lovely lady from Brisbane drove down with her mother to meet me & they have given tiny a beautiful loving home with another chi x as a playmate. As per agreement she was promptly desexed.


Babe came to us via a friend who had gotten her on his travels from a breeder. She was a tangled mess. Took 2 days and being bitten several times to untangle babes hair and trim her up. 6mths of rehabilitation and love from the children, we copped several nips but finally she gave up her defenses and settled down to be a lovely dog. She was re-homed to a couple near Port Maquarie who were very thrilled to have her.


This dog was dumped in my wood pile. A large unknown breed. my son had to coax him out poor pup. Unfortunately dogs like this are very hard to rehome. This is why it is important people don't breed their dogs without considering the consequences. Registered breeders do the research, they test for healthy dogs, they offer a lifetime rehoming policy. please stop breeding dogs that will be put down!


Sheeba, a highly intelligent Doberman x Rotty. I purchased Sheeba as an adult from a refuge, where she had been dumped as she was uncontrollable. She was so easy to train the kids would lead her. Though she was a large strong dog she was a gentle giant. Unfortunately Sheeba passed away protecting her best friend, my son from a brown snake on the common. We had gone on a long hike and were too far to get help in time. RIP Sheeba we will love a cherish you always!

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