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Travel and Transport

Airline approved carrier crates  PP20


Colour may vary from picture

All pups travel with their blanket and toy giraffe for comfort. Please note air travel takes a lot out of pup and they will need a couple of hours to bounce back. Allow pup access to small amounts of water regularly, but wait a few hours before feeding pup and only feed a small amount. (preferably cooked chicken or turkey.)


I am happy to drive to Inverell at 5 am to drop off, but I cannot drive to Guyra or Armidale at dawn due to the number of deer and Kangaroos on the road. (I choose life! Also, I am no spring chicken reflexes are reasonable at best!) Please arrange transport with this in mind.


Currently, flights from my local airport Armidale NSW are unreliable. I am happy to fly pups, but they will first need to be transported to a larger airport by road transport.


Road Transport

There are many suitable road transport companies and a few I will not use. 

I will not put a pup on a trailer or transport pulling a dog trailer. I have found these companies will move my pups from the van to the trailer and I do not want my pups travelling there. When choosing a travel company please check with me.

Pick Up

When picking up pup please remember you are transporting a little creature who you cannot put on the ground for the duration of the trip. So for toileting and exercise purposes, I recommend a large crate or a pop out playpen that has a tarp base, another alternative is puppy pads in the boot with stops every couple of hours. these can be purchased at a department store in the pet section. Pup will also need a small drink of water every 2hours.

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