Travel and Transport

Airline approved carrier crates  PP20


Colour may vary from picture

All pups travel with their blanket and toy giraffe for comfort. Please note air travel takes a lot out of pup and they will need a couple of hours to bounce back. Allow pup access to plenty of water but wait a few hours before feeding pup and only feed a small amount.


If Pup is flying I recommend purchasing a crate rather then hiring for several reasons. 

1.  Pups are used to our crates and if flying will spend the previous week in their own crate becoming accustomed to it and feeling comfortable in it.

2.  A hire crate would have smells of previous pups in them and the strange smells can add extra stress on pup.

3.  Though hire crates are washed and cleaned prior to use there is always the possibility that residue may remain. This means that a sick pup could pass on, Giardia, coccidia, or parvo. That's not a risk I would like to take. 

Our crates are a flat rate price of $72 and include, bottom tray, water dish and fountain. 

Road transpot

There are many suitable road transport companies and a few I will not use. 

I will not put a pup on a trailer or transport pulling a dog trailer. I have found these companies will move my pups from the van to the trailer and I do not want my pups traveling there. When choosing aa travel company please check with me if they are on my !!! list. There is also one company that insists on texting at 1am and 5am I will not use either.

Pick Up

When picking up pup please remember you are transporting a little creature who you cannot put on the ground for the duration of the trip. So for toileting and exercise purposes, I recommend a large crate or a pop out playpen that has a tarp base, these can be purchased at a department store in the pet section. Pup will also need a small drink of water every 2hours.

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