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Question and Answer


Can I pick up the pup from your property?

Yes, there are a few guidelines to follow and there needs to be an appointment at a convenient time. Also, read the featured topic on the "about us" page

Can I view prior to purchase?

Pups can be viewed prior to purchase after their first vaccination at 6weeks. To view pups, I require a deposit. This deposit will go towards the pup’s price or will be retained for my time.

(I do not have time for tyre kickers, sorry).


Do you have references?

Please have a look at my 'happy people' page. I have a few comments up here I do have many more but there is too many to put them all up.


Why should I buy from you?

Hillview does its very best to produce healthy, social puppies. We put in all the time effort and are willing to keep learning to do better. We provide you with guarantees, we are educated and gaining more education. We provide a professional friendly service. We follow DPI regulations and provide what we feel is a great environment for our dogs and pups.


Who cannot buy from Hillview?

People who are rude, harassing, inpatient, and seeming like they are a few sandwiches short of a picnic need not contact us! I like my sanity and my humour, thank you and please move on.


What are your policies?

We guarantee your pup will be social and friendly, happy and healthy when leaving Hillview.

We guarantee pup will not get a testable genetic disease and will replace, refund or reimburse to the value of the puppy in the first year if it somehow does.

We will be there for you offering support and advice.

If for whatever reason you cannot keep your dog, we will help rehome or we will take back pup.

Under no circumstances are Hillview pups to end up in a shelter!


Can you arrange flights and transport?

I would prefer the purchaser arrange the flight. Nearest Airport is Armidale NSW. No flights can be arranged for weekends. If a flight has a drop off time prior to 7 am I will charge an extra fee, the airport is a 3hour round trip. During winter early morning flights may be cancelled due to fog (by the airport).

Please arrange road transport with a company that does not tow a dog trailer.


Are pups toilet trained?

Pups start toilet training at Hillview, however, they will need to be taught how to accustom to their new home. Please make time for this and be consistent.


What crate training do you offer?

Pups start becoming accustomed to spending short periods of time in the crate during the day and will sleep in crates at night.


What are your payment options?

Currently, we only take bank deposit to our company account and cash on pick up.


Do you hold pups?

Only if a deposit is paid.


Do you cancel sales after deposit?

Yes, if there is an issue with the pup the sale may be cancelled, and a full refund is given.

Also, if people turn out to be rude, harassing, inpatient, this may not be realised until after the sales agreement is made.

Also, I may be informed the purchaser has ill intentions for the puppy or is not able to provide a suitable home.


Can we contact you after the sale?

YES! Please contact me. Tell me what’s going on, ask for advice, send me photos and videos! Add me on Instagram! But not at 3 am, I am generally asleep at that time…


What are the guidelines breeders need to follow?

This is different in every state. In NSW it is the Animal Welfare Code of Practice

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