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DNA-Genetics-inherited disease

How it works

Understanding genetics can be very hard, took me a while! It seems it took so long as I was getting different stories from different people. So even though there are sites of information it sometimes helps to talk to a I did.


1. Why DNA test? The most important reason to test is so you can be sure there is no inherited disease, this doesn't mean an animal won't get sick or have health problems later in life. It does mean that if bred right it will stand a better chance at a longer, healthier life.


2. What to test for? Each breed has specific issues that may affect them. There is no point in testing for other inherit diseases as the results will come back normal. Unless it is a mix breed dog that may hold genetic DNA of other breeds. This is the limit of genetic testing. So when breeders say they have tested for 30+ genetic disease ask them "why?" 


3. What do the results show?  The results can come back with 3 answers, normal/clear of disease, Carrier or Affected. 

Clear - does not have the disease will not pass it on.

Carrier- does not have the disease may pass it on

Affected- has the disease will pass it on


4. What does the result mean for my puppy? Basically this.

  • If both parents are clear you have a winner.

This dog is good as a pet or a breeder.

  • If 1 parent is a carrier still good.

This dog is good as a pet and a breeder~only if DNA testing is carried out on the pup itself and its possible mate.

  • If 1 or both of the parents are affected.

Do not breed. As a pet, you maybe looking at a dog that will require a lot of extra care, medical expenses and heart ache. 


5. What to ask when inquiring about a puppy?

  • Have the parents been tested for genetic diseases?

Possible answers 

  • YES: they are fit for purpose a pet/ family companion/ fur baby

  • NO: The parents are healthy so why bother....


6. What a responsible breeder does with their results. After testing their breeding dogs they look at the results and decide what breeding action to take. 

  • If breeding dogs to become future breeders they will breed clear with clear. 

  • If a breeder is breeding pups for companionship (pet) and expects the animal to go to a loving family and be desexed, their breeding will consist of breeding clear with clear or clear with a carrier.

  • If a dog is affected though the diagram shows breeding is possible ~ well I personally would not breed. 


Best policy, do not breed if you do not know what you are doing.

Tell the breeder your intentions for the puppy.

If a breeder doesn't give you assistance and advice do not purchase from them!


If you intend to breed, DNA test- everything in life has a margin of error. The best policy is to rule out what you can from an equation so not to get a negative result.



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