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Rehoming retired breeding dogs

I am often asked by people who purchase my puppies how I let them go and isn't it hard. The answer is no, not at all because I know my puppies are going to lifetime homes with people who will love and care for them all their lives. I know how much happiness a dog can bring a family and can never in my life be without a dog.  

What is hard is rehoming my breeding dogs. These girls and boys have been in our lives for years. They are not just a business, they are our companions, our family, our babies. It brings me to tears when I have come to the time I have to rehome. I try not to show it but it hurts. 

Why rehome you ask? 

There are a few reasons. First I am legally obliged too. secondly I know they will go to a home where they will bring happiness to someone. Thirdly, I cannot keep every dog or I will become a hoarder. That would not be fair on the dogs.

Instead I look at this transition as I do with my kids growing up and moving on with their lives to the next stage. I will miss them terribly, but I have to accept the process. I therefore make sure I find the best homes for them.

When a dog retires from breeding they are desexed, health checked and behaviour checked.

I will then try and find a retired couple or person who is looking for a companion, for walks, gardening and couch time with loads of cuddles.

Some years I only rehome one girl other years 2-3 girls, also every so often I rehome none. It just depends when they come of age or if their is a reason they cannot be bred.

All dogs here at hillview are obedience trained, house trained, crate trained, lead trained and have the happiest loving natures. 

You will find that in the transition period your dog will be shy or nervous in their new home. This is because they have known only one home prior. Moving in with complete strangers has a transition period, for dogs as well as humans.

Imagine if you will, a foster child, going into a new home, they think... will these people love me? will they care for me? Give me fresh water and food (600times a day) why do they smell sooo weird? Can I jump on the bed? the couch? their lap? What new rules are there? Where is the toilet! And where are my bones!

I assure you, a couple of weeks and it will be as if they own the place! and you! haha!

All I ask in return for a retired dog is a donation to the charity of my choice (being my local, no kill shelter. In the form of a cheque or money order).

And the promise that if it doesn't work out for any reason the dog is returned to me, at any age.

If you are looking for an older dog, one that you know the history of and you have time to care for this dog and spend time with them, living their best lives, please fill in this form. I will post dogs here that are available also, if any. But feel free to contact me as I also know a few other breeders that may have available dogs for rehoming.

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Up coming requiring Adoption

*Available now:

*Bichon Frise -Frost 5yrs female, sociable happy girl. 

* Male poodle white 9months, never bred, has over bite.


* Cavalier KC

1 Blenheim

1 Ruby

friendly big girls

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