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Cavalier KC x Bichon Frise (Cavachon)


Cavachons are designer dogs created by breeding a purebred Bichon Frise with a purebred Cavalier King Charles. The idea is to breed a dog with specific colouring with a low to non-shedding coat. The size of the dog depends largely on the size of the parents.

The expectation of weight is 4-8kg*with a small size dog.

The Cavachon has a friendly and loving nature and has added to its growth in demand in the last few years. They are quite intelligent and gentle as well as having a nature that is very friendly. Their small size and playfulness make them an ideal dog for families, especially those with children. The Cavachon also gets along well with other dogs and animals. The intelligence of Cavachon puppies makes them quite easy to train and they do tend to respond well to training when it is provided early on. Colour of Cavachons are similar to those of the cavalier. For the most part, Cavachon dogs are known for having good health and do not suffer from a lot of serious health problems. While a number of purebreds do tend to experience problems with structural and congenital problems, including hip dysplasia, that is typically not the case with Cavachons. Prospective owners who are concerned about such possible problems should make sure they investigate the parentage thoroughly to be fully aware of any possible health problems. When provided with a good diet, regular checkups and exercise, the Cavachon should do quite well. This breed will need to be groomed quite frequently. At a minimum, owners should expect to have this dog groomed about once every six weeks, it will need a brush out at least once a week. This dog does not shed, which can be quite beneficial to individuals who suffer from allergies and require a hypo-allergenic dog. The Cavachon is suited to all types of living environments including units or apartments, so long as they receive plenty of exercises to help expel energy.

*SIze can vary due to many factors and nothing is guaranteed in relation to this.


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