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Puppy Culture Puppies

Why Puppy Culture

When I started dog breeding I knew absolutely nothing. I made many mistakes and felt I needed to learn and keep learning to do better. The more I learnt the more areas I could improve on. The more I felt confident I was doing the right thing as I started getting many repeat customers and recommendations. 

So why puppy culture?

Because I feel it is the best I can offer to raise my dogs, my puppies and the best start I can offer their new families. There is nothing more important to me then a well balanced well-bred family companion.

Day 1 to 3.5weeks

Neurological stimulation is established in the first few weeks of life. We start by stroking puppy gently and holding them in different positions to make them slightly uncomfortable. This involves holding pups face down, straight up and on their backs. We also put them on a cool towel or as in video a cold bottle wrapped on a cloth.

We gentle rub their face, ears and pull along their tail. 

After 3 weeks we add an ear check mouth check and belly and leg check. similar checks that a vet would do so they find this completely natural.

As you can see pup is completely relaxed by 3weeks of age and very used to the routine. 



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